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Gregbo Featured on Fox Carolina

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Fox Carolina visited me at my studio on September 30 and featured my work during their 10 o’clock broadcast. The interview was a lot of fun to do, especially getting close to Halloween.

Read the story and watch the interview at the Fox Carolina website.

Gregbo Interviewed on Fox Carolina

Bret Watson Fox Carolina
Gregbo's Studio Fox Carolina

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    • 2012

Gregbo Watson – Self Portrait

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Its been a long time since I painted a self-portrait. The last one that I did was probably way back in Art School. So I felt that it was time to do a new one that reflects my dark, scary self. I’ve always felt that painting a self-portrait is an excellent exercise for artists and illustrators, and is arguably one of the more difficult subjects for us to tackle.

For this portrait, I chose to paint myself during a moment of drifting off, elsewhere into deep thought (which I am often known to do). And, as those who know me well can attest to, I am probably lost in the creative zone thinking about my work. This is why I chose to incorporate some of my unfinished character sketches surrounding me in the background. I also chose to portray myself wearing my Ozzy Osbournesque dark sunglasses, skull earrings, and a t-shirt featuring some sort of creature, which is how I am most often dressed.

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From iPad Sketch To Final Illustration

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I really love the creative freedom that my iPad has given me. I have always loved to draw and like any proper artist, I carried a sketchbook with me wherever I might go. Nowadays, I carry my iPad everywhere and its easier than ever for me to sketch out an idea and then turn it into a polished illustration. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what apps I use to do this and what is my working method, so I decided to document my steps (complete with photos) through a recent illustration project I was working on. The illustration assignment was for a “Space Cadet” character rocketing through the sky. I began by using a Wacom Bamboo iPad stylus and Sketchbook Pro to rough out some ideas. I think that Sketchbook Pro is THE app for digital artists using an iPad. While it is unfortunate that the iPad does not yet have a pressure-sensitive solution, the combination of the Bamboo stylus and Sketchbook Pro do a great job. Once I have the initial idea sketched, I work it into a more polished drawing. When I am happy with the sketch, I can email it directly to my client for approval, do a quick color study for the final illustration, and/or send it to my MacBook Pro to begin work on the final artwork.

Once my idea for the “Space Cadet” was approved, I moved the illustration to my iPad quickly using Dropbox. I opened my iPad sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and began “digitally inking” the artwork using a combination of the pen tool and the blob brush. After I was satisfied with the line art, I zoomed in and fixed any inking mistakes I may have made. Now, with the line art in place, I start adding color to the illustration using Illustrator’s Live Paint tool. This tool allows me to add color very quickly. Finally, with all of the color added, I add any last details. In this case, I added some highlights to the character’s eyes, put more detail into the flames coming from his jet-boots, and colorized the “swoosh lines” to add some depth and perspective. I enjoy this process and use it for the bulk of my daily digital illustration work. [message]Download “Space Cadet” as a wallpaper for your iPhone! [small_button text=”Download…” style=”light” title=”Download Wallpaper” url=”http://gregbo.com/2011/07/free-iphone-wallpaper-space-cadet/” align=”right” ][/message]

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