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Gregbo Featured on Fox Carolina

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Fox Carolina visited me at my studio on September 30 and featured my work during their 10 o’clock broadcast. The interview was a lot of fun to do, especially getting close to Halloween.

Read the story and watch the interview at the Fox Carolina website.

Gregbo Interviewed on Fox Carolina

Bret Watson Fox Carolina
Gregbo's Studio Fox Carolina

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Gregbo Visits Coffee Corner at Robinson Funeral Home

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Gregbo Gets Starbucks at Easley Coffee Corner

Gregbo gets a Starbucks Iced Mocha Venti at the newly opened Coffee Corner in at Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, SC.

Today the new Coffee Corner opened at Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, SC. This is the first and only coffee shop in Easley that serves the Starbucks brand. The place is absolutely gorgeous and obviously the coffee is fantastic! While there has been no “Grand Opening” yet, the shop is open and serving. This is awesome for me because my studio is located just down the road, so I can now grab a Starbucks whenever the mood hits without having to drive out of the city. After all of the world-wide media attention this received, I have been anxiously waiting for Coffee Corner to open. This morning, I met my father at the shop and bought him a cup of coffee while we both checked the place out. It really is quite amazing. If you grew up in Easley, you will notice that the entrance faces Main Street and the parking lot was once used by the “historic” Colony Theater… Which brings back some great memories from my youth.

Along with coffee, they are serving other goodies such as cookies and muffins. The Robinson’s are good friends of mine and I think they have a huge hit on their hands. (Way to go Chris and Rebecca!!) I wish them continued success and am really going to enjoy having easy access to Starbucks in my home town.

Pictured left-to-right below are Chris Robinson, Gregbo Watson, and H. Dean Watson (Gregbo’s Dad). Gregbo Watson with Chris Robinson at Coffee Corner in Easley, SC

Coffee Corner is now open and located in Downtown Easley, SC at Robinson Funeral Home.
You can also visit them online at www.EasleyCoffee.com
or follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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Gregbo Teaching Kids Cartooning at EFBC Arts Camp 2011

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It's That Time of Year Again!!

I will be teaching drawing/cartooning classes again this year! This will be my third year participating in this event. I think I look forward to this even more than the kids… After all, I’m just a big kid myself. EFBC Arts Camp 2011 When: August 8 – August 11 Where: Easley First Baptist Church Contact: (864) 859-4052 | www.efbc.org | orobertson@efbc.org or baumgarner@efbc.org Registration Forms: 1st-3rd Grade | 4th-5th Grade From EFBC – “EFBC provides an ARTS Camp! each summer which provides quality, creative training in the Arts. In our ARTS Camp!, professional artists and Arts teachers lead introductory and advanced workshops in visual art, theatre, music, dance, and photography. Each class focuses on teaching the stories of God through the Arts – making the Bible our launching point for creating and evaluating new works of art. ARTS Camp! is a four-day camp that allows students to explore.” I am really proud to participate in Arts Camp and EFBC does a GREAT job of organizing this event each year. Teaching art to kids is truly a passion of mine. For the past two years, as Arts Camp ended, I have been approached by many of the parents about teaching ongoing private art classes throughout the year. Sadly, Due to my schedule, I wasn’t able to do this. However, This year I have decided that if the interest is there, I will make time and offer art classes for kids and teens interested in comics, cartoons, and illustration. [message type=”custom”]If your child is unable to attend Arts Camp this year, or falls outside of the camp age limit, but you are interested in private art lessons… Let me know by emailing me: [button_with_arrow text=”Gregbo’s Art Classes” style=”dark” title=”Contact Gregbo” url=”mailto:gregbo@gregbo.com?subject=RE: Art Classes Inquiry” align=”center”] [/message]

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A Handshake Through Time

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Four Generations: Walter Davis (Photograph), Brenda Watson, Gregbo Watson, and Bret Watson.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by the fifth grade teachers at my child’s school to speak to their classes about World War II. Why was I asked? My grandfather happened to be a German Prisoner of War. He was an amazing man that added so much to my life. Aside from being a loving grandfather, he was a phenomenal storyteller. Whenever I’m feeling low on creativity, I fondly remember how he could always imagine a story on demand, despite being tired from work, etc. Each story and every character was made up on the spot just to entertain me. His imagination was staggering. The year before my son came into this world, my dear grandfather left it. My son would never have the chance to meet him, but would bear his name throughout his life. I’ve often tried to retell those whimsical stories in an effort to give my son a sense of the wonder my grandfather instilled in me. Even as a working creative, I feel I fell short. No one could tell those stories like the master himself. I was hoping that these stories would instill some type of bond between my son and my grandfather since they never met. The bond happened naturally and in a far more magical way then I ever dreamed of. You see as part of my presentation, my grandmother loaned me my grandfathers POW flag. It was presented to him during a ceremony at Shaw Air Force base a few years before he died. It was ceremoniously folded by U.S. soldiers and handed to my grandmother “on behalf of a proud and grateful nation“. The only time it was unfolded again during my grandfather’s lifetime, was about a week before he passed. He unfolded it, admired it, and then ceremoniously refolded it by himself.

Bret and Gregbo Watson unfolding the flag.

During my presentation for my son’s class, I called my son up and asked him to be the one to unfold it. I have never seen him take anything so seriously. Out of the blue it hit me, the bond I wanted so desperately between these two very important people in my life was actually happening right before my eyes. The master was telling a story again; Across time, death, and generations. I have often times been saddened by the fact that these two would never meet. How wrong I was. My son and my grandfather were able to shake hands through the generations!

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